Injustice 2 At the heart of history!

The world is slowly recovering from Superman’s dictatorial regime when a new threat, Brainiac, lands on Earth to destroy it. But there were also allies with The Society, either super villains not nice at all led Gorilla Grodd. Yesterday’s alliances and the Justice League will have to put aside the rancor of the past to face a common enemy and save the earth. Not to mention also the arrival of a character long hidden even from the eyes and ears of Batman to know Supergirl.

Let’s face it is the story of the Supergirl of Krypton by Geoff Johns who is here adapted but in the prism of the land of Injustice where all the cards have been swept and redistributed. And the idea is good. For this reason the confrontations between friends of yesterday, heroes in redemption etc will be the source of tasty exchanges that will be quite delightful.


The progression by binomial in the chapters is well thought with its lot of punchlines and some pleasant alchemy and it will have to make each segment 2 times to finish this mode to 100%. The cinematics are beautiful and the scenario reserves some well-felt surprises although the freshness of the first has somewhat disappeared.

It will be appreciated that the QTE completely nazes of the first episode did not return.

A solo mode with content of incredible richness: welcome in the multiverse

A real tour de force of the title the solo content with the RPG aspect makes the great strength of this Injustice 2 Cheats. It is within the multiverse mode that all the solo finds its interest and really stands out from the competition. There is a land that contains the classic arcade / survival modes etc but we will quickly go around. There is, however, an “end” for each character.

Speaking of Tours, it is those of Mortal Kombat which are brought up to date. We have here lands that require precise objectives, limited in time and sometimes require a minimum level for your character if you do not want to be knocked out in 3 shots. And obviously powerful pieces of armor that will allow you to resist.

This is what will put off the player who does not want to take the lead but that will arouse the attention of any RPG enthusiast. Your fighter gains experience, therefore becomes more powerful and can wear armor equipments that customize the latter from head to toe. With the key bonuses offensive, defensive, technical and other subtleties that will make you spend hours customizing your favorite heroes. One can configure 3 sets for his character and therefore give himself a lot of defense against a tough “mission” on a land where fighters have the unfortunate tendency to put you out of harm in less than two.

The equipment itself can be transformed, merged, and in everyday challenges you win Mother Boxes (random content) but contain the epic equipment you need to complete the set of your dreams.


Whether you think you’re going through the multiverse, if you hang on to the game is a pleasure every moment. My first character, Aquaman, has confronted enemies in conditions all more comical than the others. A laser that can drop you any time on the face, shields that pop on the fighting arena, a stage where once propelled into the air idle time for the assailant or you even realize devastating combo On an impotent adversary? There are all that and more to discover, more than enemies pv bags or where the slightest blow empties you half a bar of life.

Once your character is level 20 it is possible to raise via an item directly from other characters that you play at this level so that not all is too tedious. So I could taste the gameplay of many characters and especially villains we do not play in the story mode which is a pity.

As if that were not enough you can join a guild (a little like the factions in MKX) limited to 50 members. They have their own goals and their own guild multiverse where the forces must unite against bosses sometimes well twisted.

You will have understood this game is generous and this mode absolutely brilliant in its concept. It does, however, require a real investment of time and the good idea to point out a land that you would be too hostile for now if you do not want to kick your ass.

A game that holds the road technically

If the content is a strong point we will also appreciate extremely low loading times (the test was performed on PS4 Pro), from 2 to 3 seconds which is a small feat in itself. The 12 base arenas and their transitions are generally all successful with beautiful effects that do not hinder the readability and the quality of the fighting which holds their 60 frames per second.

The disastrous artistic direction on the first part is reviewed and it will be up to each one to judge if his fetish character is missed or not this time. The female characters completely messed up in his predecessor are finally entitled to honors. Special mention to Wonder Woman or Supergirl and their friends or enemies who finally look like something. The most beautiful character is undoubtedly Swamp Thing absolutely divine and archi pleasant to play, the sap is with him. On the side of ugly ducklings Catwoman does not look like much anymore, the Joker is more of the cosplay missed, child of a unnatural union between a Heath Ledger and a Jared Leto.