Brawl Stars: Stand and Fight

Brawl Stars Hack is the latest hit from Supercell. However, the unofficial Clash Royal’s successor is initially only available in Canada. So you can Brawl Stars still have been playing in Germany.

Super Cell, the creators of hits like  Clash of Clans  or  Clash Royale , have published their latest work with Brawl Stars – unfortunately for now only in Canada. However, there is a possibility the new Super Cell hit this country to play.

So you Brawl plays Star advance

Brawl Stars is currently in the soft launch phase. This means the game is an early version, only a selected audience. Supercell has chosen in this case for its Canadian community. There Brawl Star is available in the Apple App Store. In the German App Store, the game will, however not listed. But with a trick you get yourself Brawl Star on your iPhone.


As part of our special “lock countries deal” we have explained you how a  created Apple ID that you buy in the US App Store  can. In the same manner, you can also create an Apple ID for the Canadian store. Instead of a US number and address you just have to take a Canadian in this case.

Beware Brawl Star APKs

And what about Android? Can I somewhere already Brawl Star APK Download? No! Brawl Stars Hack German is only once available only for iOS. When downloading Android APKs from the Internet also caution. Often, before the official release Fake APKs in circulation, containing instead of the game a virus or other malicious software. So it was, for example, in  Super Mario Run .


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